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+ Issue 33, July-December, 2018 (current issue)

   picture taken from "Morphology, FTIR and X-Ray patterns of pulverized mercerized Jack Bean (Canavalia ensiformis) seed coats"

+ Issue 32, January-June, 2018

   picture taken from "Inhibitive potential of Datura strmonium leaf extract on the corrosion behavior of mild steel in 1M HCl acidic solution"

+ Issue 31, July-December, 2017

   picture taken from "Development and optimization of operational parameters of a gas-fired baking oven"

+ Issue 30, January-June, 2017

   picture taken from "A review of the clonal selection algorithm as an optimization method"

+ Issue 29, July-December, 2016

   picture taken from "Synthesis and characterization of the mechanical properties of high-density polyethylene based composites reinforced with animal fibers"

+ Issue 28, January-June, 2016

   picture taken from "Application of second derivative Runge-Kutta collocation methods to stiff systems of initial value problems"

+ Issue 27, July-December, 2015

   picture taken from "Comparative analysis of perturb & observe and fuzzy logic maximum power point tracking techniques for a photovoltaic array under partial shading conditions"

+ Issue 26, January-June, 2015

   picture taken from "Application of PQR Theory for control of a 3-phase 4-wire 4-legs shunt active power filter in the aß?-axes using 3D-SVM technique"

+ Issue 25, July-December, 2014

   picture taken from "Optimal sensors placement for monitoring a steam condenser of the distillation column using bond graph approach"

+ Issue 24, January-June, 2014

   picture taken from "Three-Level Direct Torque Control Based on Artificial Neural Network of Double Star Synchronous Machine"

+ Issue 23, July-December, 2013

   picture taken from "Characterization of Beach/River Sand for Foundry Application"

+ Issue 22, January-June, 2013

   picture taken from "Investigation of Voltage Unbalance Problems in Electric Arc Furnace Operation Mode"

+ Issue 21, July-December, 2012

   picture taken from "High Order A-stable Continuous General Linear Methods for Solution of Systems of Initial Value Problems in ODEs"

+ Issue 20, January-June, 2012

   picture taken from "Stochastic Estimation Methods for Induction Motor Transient Thermal Monitoring Under Non Linear Condition"

+ Issue 19, July-December, 2011

   picture taken from "Resistance to Crack Propagation of Algerian Wood"

+ Issue 18, January-June, 2011

   picture taken from "Corrosion Behaviour of Heat - Treated Al-6063/ SiCp Composites Immersed in 5 wt% NaCl Solution"

+ Issue 17, July-December, 2010

   picture taken from "Optimization and Characterization of Castor Seed Oil"

+ Issue 16, January-June, 2010

   picture taken from "Bond Graph Modelling for Fault Detection and Isolation of an Ultrasonic Linear Motor"

+ Issue 15, July-December, 2009

   picture taken from "Clustering of the Self-Organizing Map based Approach in Induction Machine Rotor Faults Diagnostics"

+ Issue 14, January-June, 2009

   picture taken from "Predictive Modelling of Concentration of Dispersed Natural Gas in a Single Room"

+ Issue 13, July-December, 2008

   picture taken from "Magnetic Coupled Circuits Modeling of Induction Machines Oriented to Diagnostics"

+ Issue 12, January-June, 2008

   picture taken from "Comparative Study between the Darcy-Brinkman Model and the Modified Navier-Stokes Equations in the Case of Natural Convection in a Porous Cavity"

+ Issue 11, July-December, 2007

   picture taken from "Corrosion Inhibition of Titanium in Artificial Saliva Containing Fluoride"

+ Issue 10, January-June, 2007

   picture taken from "The Investigation of Furnace Operating Characteristics Using the Long Furnace Model"

+ Issue 9, July-December, 2006

   picture taken from "Intelligent Search Method Based ACO Techniques for a Multistage Decision Problem EDP/LFP"

+ Issue 8, January-June, 2006

   picture taken from "Mackerel (Scomber Scrombrus) Oil Extraction and Evaluation as Raw Materials for Industrial Utilization"

+ Issue 7, July-December, 2005

   picture taken from "Refining Biogas Produced from Biomass: An Alternative to Cooking Gas"

+ Issue 6, January-June, 2005

   picture taken from "A New Harmonics Elimination Method Applied to a Static VAR Compensator Using a Three Level Inverter"

+ Issue 5, July-December, 2004

   picture taken from "Binomial Distribution Sample Confidence Intervals Estimation 8. Number Needed to Treat/Harm"

+ Issue 4, January-June, 2004

   picture taken from "Binomial Distribution Sample Confidence Intervals Estimation 5. Odds Ratio"

+ Issue 3, July-December, 2003

   picture taken from "I386-Based Computer Architecture and Elementary Data Operations"

+ Issue 2, January-June, 2003

   picture taken from "Kinetic Biochemistry"

+ Issue 1, July-December, 2002

   picture taken from "Free Software Development. 1. Fitting Statistical Regressions"